Through The Door (Serial Fiction series)

Through the Door started as a writing prompt some ten+ years (2010) ago. I hadn’t intended to do anything with the effort other than to showcase some of my extemporaneous writing capabilities. As I was experimenting with AI capabilities (in late 2022/early 2023), the idea came to me of using AI as a means to engender and/or enhance that original writing effort. So here is the result. Starting with the original prompt.

Through the Door (part 1) — The original prompt and response.

Through the Door (part 2 — AI suggestions ) — This post uses AI (courtesy of to suggest where the story should go.

Through the Door (part 2 — consolidated) — The next post is a consolidated version, wherein I considered the suggestions and added them to the original storyline.

Through the Door (part 3 — AI suggestions) — Another use of AI in an attempt to extend the storyline.

Through the Door (part 4 — without AI support) — Decided to extend the storyline without the last AI suggestions, but rather get it to an action scene, so AI could suggest how the scene would play out.

Through the Door (part 4 — AI suggestions) — The post presents 3 alternative ways an action scene might play out.