The following are some of the writing projects I am currently pursuing and their current status.  As such, this page will be a constant work in progress (WIP), and will change frequently.  My goal is to update this page weekly.  This page was last updated December 19, 2012.

Project Description Status
Toilet Tales Series of short fairy tales for children, featuring Princess Rachel, the Wizard Tim, and Oscar (the Wonder) pig I’ve completed 7 of the 7 tales I need to finish before I can even consider attempting to get published

  • Cat Claws (final)
  • Valley of Smoke (final)
  • The Toy Fairy (final)
  • Goblin Surprise (final)
  • Rachel and the Witch (final)
  • Fairy Trouble (final)
  • The Shadow Monster (final)
Westfal My young adult fantasy novel series Book 1 — The Grail of Culloden (Revised 9/30/12, 82K words)Book 2 — The Dragon Heartstone (1st draft, completed 12/15/12, 57K words)

Westfal — 5 books envisioned. 1 published, 1 complete manuscript, 1 wip manuscript

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