Grail of Culloden

Here’s a summary synopsis of the Grail of Culloden.  The manuscript is complete, at about 101,000 words, and has been published on CreateSpace.


The High King is dead, and the passage of time has swept away the last remnants of his authority.  Gone is the ability to control the powerful anti-magical barrier, the Mordwahl, a prison for the powerful and evil Forsaken.  Centuries later, as the Mordwahl begins to collapse, the immortal Caretakers compel an ex-shadow warrior (Gall) to rebuild the barrier using the artifacts used to create it, including the Grail of Culloden, the cup rumored to heal even death.  But, Faline, imprisoned for centuries behind the Mordwahl by Gall and a practitioner of the darkest magical arts, has escaped to wreak vengeance and establish herself as High Queen.  She has captured the country of Drachnor and will soon invade Bretagne. But she is dying from ‘the quickening’ as her body rapidly ages, a consequence of her long imprisonment.  To heal herself, she must gain possession of the Grail.  Gall must prevent this and thwart her ambitions in Bretagne and those of the Grand Council, whose goal is to rule all of Westfal.  To assist him, Gall gains the trust of the young Queen of Bretagne (Britta), whose memory-walking talents he needs to stop Faline and to find Larah, the young Druid destined to retrieve the Grail.  Larah is joined by an unlikely ally, the half-elf assassin Riasean.  In the Citadel of the Crescent Moon, Gall, Faline, and Larah will collide to determine who will control the future of the Westfal.

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