Through the Door (part 2) – AI version

Based on the story stump, what follows was generated by the AI (courtesy Sudowrite).


Rhinna crossed her arms and her eyes narrowed. “I see. And you came here to meet him–or was it for this man? Did you seek to find him and follow him here?”

“I came here for Dathon, and did not know of this man,” Arianna said softly. “I am a stranger here, and I have no idea what he is to me.”

“The man you are looking for is dangerous. He comes from a world of darkness, one of deceit and trickery.” Rhinna paused in deliberation before continuing.

“The man you seek is able to make himself appear in places he is not. If you do not know him, then he can only be an enemy.”

“How do you know this?” Arianna demanded.

“It is what he does. He steals the knowledge of events and passes them to his master.”

Arianna was surprised.


“Your husband?” Rhinna spat the words out in disgust.

She knows of Dathon too, but how? “I don’t understand how he could be your husband, since you are my sister, but how do you know him?”

“He and his kind are the ones that killed my family.”

“Killed your family?” Arianna stammered. “How?”

“He and the others came to our village, killed everyone then burned it to the ground.”

“Why would he do a thing like that?”

“We wouldn’t do as they bid, even after they set the tree ablaze.”

“What tree?”

“The Aldwater Tree, what else?”

Aldwater Tree? Arianna felt like she was trapped in one of the book’s own stories.

 “What is the Aldwater Tree?”

“It is where we came from, where we are to go back to.


“Husband? I did not know you were married. But…” she couldn’t seem to finish her sentence. A strange expression crossed her weathered face.

“He left me,” Arianna said, her tears welling up. “I was upset… down at the lake. I was walking by the water, when suddenly I fell into it. And then I found this book… it led me here. And now I can’t go back.” She held up the book, “I don’t know where the door is; it was here before.”

“Yes, the book. It leads to the Kingdom of Aldewater. But it is not of this world. And it is dangerous. Many have vanished into its pages after reading its stories.”

“I am stuck here?”  Arianna asked, her eyes wide. “So how do I get back?”

“I can take you to


Interesting takes. I chose to continue the scene rather than start a new one. You can specify which (new scene or continuation) where you put the cursor in your text. The other aspect is that Sudowrite presents several possibilities for you to choose from. I decided to list all three options offered by the software because none provided a completely acceptable continuation (at least in my opinion). That said, I reserve the right to pick and choose the ideas presented to fashion a coherent storyline.

A couple of notes: I did not alter the AI content in any way, including grammar or spelling, as I wanted to preserve the fidelity of the content. Also, the AI chose to end midsentence. That is not a mistake on my part.

Stay tuned for a consolidated version of this storyline continuation in my next post. For the small group of folks that actually read my blog, feel free to weigh in on this if you want. This isn’t quite a “choose your own adventure” effort, but suggestions are always appreciated.

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