Jonathan of Jamesville High

Set in 2004, in the town of Jamesville, somewhere in the midwest, a boy of mysterious origins finds himself navigating the perilous and sometimes morally ambiguous currents in contemporary adolescent life. The circumstances of his experience intersect with those around him, and like a rock dropped into a pond, the resulting turbulence shatters the brittle facade of perceptions vs reality. Passions force everyone to either do what is right or let the world consume them.

I wrote most of the draft in 2013 during Nanowrimo and have just a few chapters left to polish up and fill in.  It is my goal to publish this book by the fall of 2017.

Update: As you can tell by now (2023), it hasn’t happened. However, hopes (like my allergies) spring eternal, and I intend to finish this manuscript this year. In the meantime, you can see some excerpts of the manuscript (which may or may not find their way into the final draft) here:

Family business

Rock in the pond



Where she needs to be


How it rolls in the boy’s club