Toilet Tales (Princess Rachel Adventures)

These stories originated because I had to keep my Princess entertained, even when on her (porcelain) throne.  Very off-center tales, probably more Wiley E. Coyote than Winnie the Pooh.  These are all complete, and about 3K words each.

You can purchase the compendium of stories (listed below by following links from my Facebook page or, if you’re trying to avoid getting lured into Facebook pages (believe me, I understand) you can get the Kindle version, or the paperback.  (I recommend the Kindle version since it is a lot cheaper)

  • Smoke in the Valley — Princess Rachel must chase a dragon out of the valley, with the help of the always hapless Wizard Tim.
  • Goblin Surprise — Oscar (Rachel’s pet pig) gets mistaken for a unicorn by two goblins, determined to get their wishes granted.  After a lot of confusion, and rejected wishes, someone gets what they deserve.
  • Cat Claws — The master bug trapper, Princess Rachel, gets trapped by a cat, and has to figure out how not to be eaten.
  • Fairy Trouble — Rachel makes a promise to help a fairy in return for some skates, but doesn’t follow through, and suffers the consequences.
  • The Toy Fairy –What happens when your spoiled brat wants a new dolly every day?  Get the Toy Fairy — she’ll cure toy greed.
  • Rachel and the Witch — Uh, oh.  Rachel ends up in the stew pot of a witch.  How is she going to save herself now?
  • The Shadow Monster — The Shadow Monster captures Mom and Dad, and it is left to Rachel and Tim to save them.  But when the monster gets Tim too, who will save Rachel?

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