Through the Door (part 3) — AI extended version

[ Through the door (part 3) – AI extended version (courtesy Sudowrite) ]

Using parts 1 and part 2 (consolidated) as the seed (or fertilizer, depending on your opinion of my writing, lol), I asked the AI to continue the story line, but did things a bit differently this time. First, I extended the length of the response (it looks like 250 words are the limit), I upped the “creativity” (not sure what that means, but since this is fantasy, why not?), I also used a “guided” approach where I told the AI where I wanted the plot/scene to go in general terms, as opposed to letting it go free-form like last time, which I found hard to reconcile. Anyway, here are the three alternatives offered up, and again, this is the raw output, with no modifications on my part.


could and set the village on fire. I am the only one who survived.”

Rhinna’s voice shook as she spoke, sending a chill down Arianna’s spine. “We need to take you to the King’s castle in Aldewater. The King is a wise ruler, he will be your best chance of saving Dathon, as well as getting you home safely.”

The villagers agreed and set off towards the castle. On their way there, Rhinna told Arianna stories of how their world was created by a powerful wizard who planted the Aldewater tree at its centre in order to protect it from demons and other evil creatures that wanted to destroy it. As they walked through the lush forest surrounding them, Arianna could see why so many people had sacrificed themselves to protect this precious tree. Finally, after hours of walking in silence, they arrived at the gates of the castle where Rhinna introduced Arianna to King Anthirian who welcomed her warmly and asked her questions about her husband and what happened before she arrived in his world. He then asked Rhinna if she would stay behind and help him prepare his guard for any new threats while he escorted Arianna back home himself – something that made both women very relieved but also cautious as they knew how powerful these enemies were. After some discussions with his advisers and guards, it was decided that a small group would accompany them back home including two knights loyal to the King himself as backup just in case anything went wrong or someone tried to attack them along the way.


found. I was the only one who survived.”

At the news of Dathon’s arrival, Arianna ran to Rhinna’s side and hugged her tightly. “We must get away from here, now,” she said, her voice quivering with fear. The old woman nodded in agreement and began gathering supplies for their journey ahead.

The duo set off towards a distant castle belonging to the King. As they traveled, Rhinna explained all she knew about the Aldewater tree and its power to protect people from demons. She described how its roots create a sacred shield around anything it touches, and even gave insight as to why Dathon wanted it so badly.

When they reached the castle gates, Rhinna warned Arianna that many of the King’s guards still held a grudge against them for not sacrificing their tree in his name. The duo made it through the gates unscathed however, thanks to Arianna’s swift tongue and wisdom in convincing them why they should be allowed entrance into the castle gate.

Inside the court halls of the castle walls lay an array of tapestries depicting stories of knights slaying dragons and rescuing princesses from towers high as giants’ feet. But what caught Arianna’s eye was a painting on a thin gold frame with intricate details signaling tales from long ago; The Aldewater Tree! It contained all its secrets: where it grew, how powerful its magic is-and most importantly-where Dathon might be now that he had found out about it too!

Rhinna patted Arianna on her shoulder reassuringly before taking her leave for some


encountered. He is the one you saw in the forest, and I believe he has a woman with him.”

Arianna shuddered at the thought. “We have to do something then! Can we make it to the king’s castle before Dathon does?”

Rhinna nodded. “Yes, if we hurry. The Aldewater tree is our only source of protection against Dathon and his followers. We must reach the castle.”

The villagers agreed, and they began to pack their things for an immediate march toward the King’s Castle. Everyone was determined to save Arianna and protect the Aldewater tree from Dathon’s evil plans.

The epic journey lasted two weeks, as they traveled through winding pathways and dense forests until they finally reached a vast meadow illuminated by starlight. Arianna gasped in astonishment as she beheld the breathtaking sight of the King’s Castle: its tall turrets rising up into the sky like mountains, its walls gleaming in soft light, and its grand gates opened wide to welcome them in. A sense of courage filled the air as Rhinna led them forward until they were standing just outside of it gates. She bowed her head and prayed that their mission would be successful while Arianna marveled at how peacefully beautiful this new world was compared to her own which was now so dark and dangerous with Dathon lurking about somewhere out there still on his quest for power over all that lived..

Analysis/Commentary – Starting to get a sense of what the AI can or can’t/won’t do. Clearly, the AI can’t write much of an extended scene in just 250 words. Trying to get it to do so using the “guided” approach results in a fair amount of summarization. That said, there were several ideas, plot, and setting-wise, that could be reconciled and expanded upon. I’ll try and have something done by the end of next week.

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