Westfal is the fantasy world setting for my young adult fiction series.  The first work of the series is called the “Grail of Culloden” and is both book 1 of the series and an introduction to the main characters, who I expect to carry through the entire series.  At this point, I plan for the series to consist of the following titles:

  • Grail of Culloden — completed and published
  • Dragonheart stone — manuscript written, undergoing story edit
  • Spear of the winds — work in progress (80% done)
  • Ogamah Seed
  • The Calachol

I’m also working on a manuscript called “The Old Ways,” which is an origin story about the primary antagonist of my series, Faline. Villains are the heroes of their own stories, and their mindset (psychology) comes from their origin. “The Old Ways” is, in that vein, an origin story of how one can gain purpose when the world turns against them.

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