Writing Goals for 2023

I had no goals last year, yet I still successfully completed Nanowrimo. That was more a fluke than anything else. I am hoping to be more organized this year. So, along those lines, I’m planning to finish my four manuscripts: Jonathan of Jamesville High, books 2 and 3 of my Westfal series [the Dragon Heartstone and Spear of the Winds], and The Old Ways, my origin story/novel about my antagonist of the Westfal series, Faline. Lastly, I hope to be more active with my blog (which, as you can see, I already have been, to some extent).

As for the schedule, I plan to continue pushing Spear of the Winds through the Monday night critique group (a local writer group, of which I’m the facilitator). I’m also going to push to get Jonathon finished — it is 80-90% done. I know how it is to end; I just haven’t gotten over the hump to finish it. Dragon Heartstone and the Old Ways are done but need structural edits (Old Ways more so). Spear of the winds is about 90% done. Just need to get over the hump with that. So, I am going to finish the unfinished, then edit all of them into publishable form by the end of the year.

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