The AI experiment

If you read my last post on AI and writing, I briefly mentioned that I would be trying to experiment with AI story generation using the stump of an abandoned story. The abandoned story in question is called “Through the Door (part 1),” which was posted about 10 years ago as a response to a prompt (that’s the very first line in that post). I wrote that in about 15 minutes without any preplanning or plotting, so it is close to a spontaneous storyline. I had no idea where the story was going and was consumed by events, and I didn’t want to spend the time to do so. Regardless, I think this story stump will be perfect for the experiment.

How this is going to work is as follows. Every week I’m going to take the story and let SudoWrite add on a chunk to the storyline. I’ll post that content. But, to avoid having the storyline spin off into some weird, tangential, circular, or contradictory territory, I’m going to massage the content into something I can use as the basis for the next iteration of AI generation. I’ll also post that content containing some analysis/commentary of what was generated and why I chose to change it.

How long am I going to try this? Don’t really know at this point. It might be short-lived, a few weeks or so, or perhaps months. I’ll probably stop if it gets beyond 15000 words since I believe that is the AI’s limit. Of course, since this is technology-dependent, expect some failures to creep in and potentially gum up the process. Always have plan B handy when your technology-dependent plan A decides to crap the bed.

That said, the first installment of unmodified AI-generated content extends the original story, conveniently titled “Through the Door (part 2) – AI version.”

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