Writing Goals for 2013

Alas, I am so late with this it should come with a minus sign after the 2013.  No excuses though, I simply did not make my writing a priority, and let reality leave tire tracks over my soul.  Kibitzing aside, here are my goals for this year.

  • Write 1000 words a day, every day.  (Already behind on this, but I will start tomorrow, no kidding, seriously … )
  • Submit manuscript for Grail of Culloden to an agent in the form of a query letter by the end of January February.
  • Submit a proposal for Toilet Tales to an agent and the formal inquiry letter by the end of January February.
  • Revise the Nanowrimo manuscript of The Dragon Heartstone by the end of March April.
  • Submit manuscript Dragon Heartstone to an agent in the form of a query letter by the end of May.
  • Create a new blog post every two weeks.
  • In addition to submitting manuscripts to agents in the form of query letters, also send manuscripts out as unsolicited manuscripts to a select number of publishers that will accept simultaneous submissions.

Ultimately I want to try and elicit some sort of response, whether it be praise, or more likely a  gag-reflex, snide comment, or unrestrained laughter from an agent/publisher by the end of the year.

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