Through the door (part 5 — AI suggestions)

[An extension from part 5 courtesy of AI. I had to use a guided approach as nothing the AI suggested freeform was usable. Again, this content was offered up without any modification. ]


The group was up before dawn and soon on the move. The terrain was rocky and treacherous, but Rhinna navigated them expertly through winding paths and dark caves. They crossed rivers that bubbled with strange magics, skirted giant chasms, and scaled tall cliffs. The journey seemed endless at times as if they were walking in circles, yet eventually the path opened up to reveal vast plains dotted with unending farms.

As they descended from the hills, Arianna’s mouth fell open in wonderment at the sight of Freehold. Its giant fortress walls sparkled in the morning light surrounded by lush fields of wheat and barley. In the distance she could see a large castle perched atop a hill overlooking it all. It was an unparalleled vision of beauty unlike anything she had seen before in Aldewater or Beyond.

After what felt like an eternity of walking, they finally arrived at their destination late that same evening. As Arianna stepped through the gates into Freehold city proper she couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief after their long journey through darkness and danger – but there was still plenty of uncertainty ahead as to what would come next for her on this new path in life.


The next morning, the group set out in high spirits. Despite the demons’ attack, they had made it through the night unscathed. The sun shone brightly as they marched on, and Arianna’s heart swelled with hope. After weeks of being trapped in this cursed place, freedom was just a few more miles away.

The journey continued uneventfully until they reached an open field that stretched as far as the eye could see. Sunbeams licked at their faces and a gentle breeze blew past them. In the distance was Freehold – their destination and safe haven from this living nightmare. Everyone cheered at the sight of it and rushed forward with a newfound energy, eager to be free of Aldewater forever.

Arianna felt like she was about to burst with excitement and joy as she ran alongside Rhinna towards Freehold’s gates. At last, she would be able to reunite with her family and begin a new life away from this cursed world of shadows and despair!


Arianna thanked her and curled up against her bag, allowing her eyes to close and enjoy the solace of sleep.

The morning sun slowly rose over the horizon, warming their faces as they prepared for their journey to Freehold. With a nod from Rhinna and Dathon’s staff lit up with a soft, bluish-gray light, the group set out on their final stretch of the journey. As they made their way across Aldewater’s terrain, Arianna could feel a sense of anticipation swelling in her chest – she was so close to reaching Freehold. 

The ground seemed to go on forever as they continued along the path that had been roughly cut away by Dathon’s staff, winding around rocky hillsides. Occasionally, they would stumble across an abandoned campfire or broken wagon wheel – evidence of previous travelers who had often gone back and forth between Freehold and Aldewater Castle. Arianna wondered what they had been like and why they ventured out into these dangerous lands only to return again.

As the morning hours dragged on, months of fear began melting away with each step forward. Eventually, after several long hours of walking through dense foliage and sweltering heat, a clearing emerged in front of them.

Flanked by two imposing towers on either side with massive wooden gates in between them stood Freehold – the capital city of Aldewater County ruled by Lord Thomas Westenfield himself. After looking upon its grandeur from so far away for many weeks straight on their journey here, Arianna found herself both terrified and excited at what lay ahead for them within

Analysis — There’s a fair amount I can use here, though the business in Alternate 3 which involved Dathon’s staff suddenly showing up was weird. Anyway, stay tuned, I’ll try and get something pulled together by the end of next week.

[ AI suggestions courtesy of Sudowrite ]

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