Through the Door (part 4 with AI suggestions)

[ I let the AI suggest what happens next ( from part 4) without any direction or suggestion from me. Also note this is raw, unmodified output. ]


“What do we do?” Magnus asked.

“Fight,” Rhinna said firmly.

She motioned to the villagers. “You, you and you, take spears,” she said, pointing to the villagers with weapons. “Form a line here. You four go to the left, three to the right. Two behind them, then me and Arianna in the back. We’ll need to stay light on our feet and strike quickly. Don’t let them get too close to us.”

The villagers rushed to do as they were told. Arianna stepped beside Rhinna, gripping her spear tightly. The night demons growled and hissed menacingly.

“On my mark,” Rhinna shouted. “Now!”

At her command, the villagers yelled, charging the demons. Rhinna and Arianna ran behind them, thrusting spears at the beasts. The night demons retreated, snapping their teeth and growling.

The fight seemed to last forever as the villagers and Rhinna and Arianna parried and thrust with their spears, eventually pushing the monsters back. Panting and sweating, the two women watched them retreat into the night.

Rhinna clapped her hands. “Well fought, everyone. The night demons have been driven away.” She turned to Arianna. “Thanks to you, we all made it out of here alive.”

Arianna nodded, relieved they had survived and the villagers were safe. “Let’s get some rest and head out in the morning.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Rhinna said.



Arianna’s heart beat faster. There were at least two dozen of the creatures lurking in the darkness. “What do we do?”

“We hold them back until the villagers are safely inside,” Magnus said determinedly. He pointed at Arianna, Rhinna and a few other strong men. “You four ready the spears and then, on my command, charge the demons.”

Arianna hardly had time to think of how scared she was before a shrill screech pierced the air. The demons charged forward, and without thinking, Arianna launched her spear forward. The demon ahead of her yelped in pain as the spear penetrated its body with a sickening thud. The others followed suit, and soon enough, the demons retreated back into the night.

Rhinna placed her hands on her hips and then let out a relieved chuckle. “That was too close.”

Arianna nodded, shaking and still unsure of what had just happened.

Rhinna turned to Magnus. “Now that that’s settled, let’s get these people to the King’s refuge.”

“Yes, let’s go.” Magnus said, waving at the villagers. “Gather your belongings, and we’ll begin our journey.”

The villagers quickly complied, gathering their meager possessions and huddling together for protection. As the group began to move, Arianna grabbed her travel bag and followed close behind, still shaken by the encounter.

She had agreed to this journey, but still, she could not believe the risks they were taking. Still, she had to prove her worth


Arianna swallowed hard, her heart racing as the creatures edged toward them. Magnus stepped up and began reinforcing their position with an aura of confidence. Amulets and staffs in hand, Rhinna, Magnus and the villagers chanted a ward of protection.

The chanting lit the air around them as the night demons edged closer, then stopped as if meeting an unseen barrier. After what seemed an eternity of chanting, the creatures retreated, fleeing across the clearing and out of sight.

Arianna let out a shuddering breath and lowered her spear. Rhinna turned and smiled at her. “You did great, young one,” she praised.

Arianna blushed and nodded. “Thank you.”

Rhinna clapped her on the shoulder. “Now, let’s get everyone settled and get some rest. We’ll depart at dawn.”

Arianna nodded and returned to her travel bag. She’d gotten one step closer to escaping this world, and soon she’d be on her way home.

[ Analysis/Commentary – A little rough, but I was impressed by some of the specifics suggested. I might actually use a fair amount of it, in the next post. ]

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