On Heaven’s Shore

Over the horizon and into the unknown, one man sails, all on his own,

His destination certain, the course straight and true,
To slip the bonds of this world, and make for something new,

Though winds may slacken, and waves change tack,
One thing is certain, there’s no turning back,

Trailed by tears and sobs, sailor and boat disappear into tomorrow,
Celestial hand on the rudder, he sails beyond sorrow,

Beating back the currents of the past, and slipping the bonds of time,
The sun glistens upon water, warming, reflective and sublime,

Quite beyond Hippocrates reach, he reaches the white sands of the eternal beach
So there it is, there is no more, another soul has set upon heaven’s shore.


Clock beeping, joints creaking,
Water flows, soap erodes,
Razor scrapes, toothpaste squeezes,
Coffee brews, lunch bags crinkle,
Iron heats, flattens wrinkles,
Oatmeal bubbles, toaster pops,
Zippers zip, buttons clip,
Cat meows, kid growls,
Kisses flow, so do squeezes,
Into the dark, goes my heart